a) The company owns the copyright to the photographs and the films according to the
Provisions of the Copyright Act.

b) The finished products are for private use only.

The client is not allowed to reproduce or publish the products if the company did not agree.

c) The client agrees that the negatives remain in the possession of the Company.


2. Retention of title

The products remain the property of the company until full payment of the purchase Price.


3. Processing of the products

a) The client is prohibited to sell the products without the prior written consent of
Company to digitize, store and duplicate.

b) The client assures that there are no third-party rights in relation to the material transferred by him to the Company.


4. liability

a) Insofar as legally permissible, the company is only liable for intent and gross negligence.

b) The company is entitled to destroy the negatives after two years have elapsed since
Termination of the order.


5. Place of fulfillment

Place of performance for all obligations arising from the contractual relationship is the registered office of the company,

if the customer is not a consumer.


6. jurisdiction

If both contractual partners are Merchants, the place of business of the company is agreed as place of jurisdiction.


7. data protection

The client agrees that the necessary personal data get saved.

Data transmission from clients to third parties only takes place if this is essential to the implementation of the contract.

The client has the right to revoke the consent to the company at any time. 

He also has the right to demand information about the personal data processed by the Company.